We guarantee that property owners will receive their FULL rent every month, whether the tenant pays or not.

Every month, every time!

Pukeko Plus

We Offer A Rent Guarantee You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Pukeko Rental Managers focus on finding the right tenants and back their services with the Pukeko Plus Rent Guarantee Scheme. 

It means that in the unlikely event a tenant gets behind in rent, your Pukeko Rental Manager can access a dedicated company fund to cover rent arrears while they resolve any issues. Property owners can be confident that rents are paid every month, investments are safe, and rental properties are in expert hands. 

Talk to your local Pukeko Property Manager today about how to apply for our rental guarantees scheme. 



   We pay your rent if your tenant gets behind, every month, every time!

   We use our own dedicated fund backed and managed by Pukeko HQ. That means quick decisions and less risk. 

   Fair and simple scheme access criteria (See below) 

   High-end quality boutique property management services with rental guarantees from a dedicated manager with skin in the game. 

   No hidden fees! Just clear and transparent processes that mean you can sit back, relax and watch your investments grow. 


Does your property meet our criteria?

  1. The property is well presented and in good condition
  2. All mandatory maintenance is completed within 14 days?
  3. The property is listed at market rent
  4. Meth testing has been completed between tenancies
  5. We have full approval to manage tenancy risk for you
  6. It meets all the government legal requirements. Eg Healthy Homes. 


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