Make Your Home More Appealing To Renters


Attract The Best

Attracting the right tenants that are going to look after your investment is one of the most important things you can do to protect your rental property.
If you are wanting to attract great tenants, then why not take a few simple steps to make your property investment a little more appealing to the discerning rental market in New Zealand.

A few simple and inexpensive improvements can help attract the right people, and will also help reduce the number of vacant days for your rental property. If a tenant feels secure and looked after in their home, then they are more likely to stay long term.

Below are a few tips you may consider:

First Impressions Count

Curb appeal gives a lasting impression, and if the exterior of your property is not up to scratch then a prospective tenant may not even want to come inside.

  • Tenants like a property that is bright, and lets in the sunlight. Keep trees and bushes trimmed back to allow the sunlight in.
  • Having any lawns and gardens maintained will appeal to tenants. This will keep the property tidy, and the neighbours happy. You can also include the cost in the rent.
  • A fresh coat of paint can transform a space, and make the home feel fresh and clean.
  • Water blast the exterior, including driveways, patios, and paths. This will make the home more appealing, and also help remove any hazards such as slippery surfaces.

Make Your Tenant Feel Secure

We all want to keep ourselves, and our belongings safe. A few inexpensive fit-outs will keep your tenant feeling secure, and will protect your investment.

  • Fit deadlocks, and secure window latches. This is very important for ground floor doors and windows where a tenant can feel vulnerable.
  • Sensor lights are a great idea to make your tenant feel secure at night.
  • Fitting an alarm system will not only look after your investment property, it will also protect your tenant’s belongings.

Ensure Your Rental Property Is Clean

It is important for tenants to feel like their home is clean and easy to maintain. Ensuring that your prospective tenant feels at home in a clean and safe environment when they walk in is important.

The main rooms that sell properties are kitchens and bathrooms, and a cheaper option than remodeling is to clean.

  • Paint is a better option than wallpaper, as it is easier to keep clean and touch up if necessary. Go with a satin or semi-gloss paint as this is easier to wipe down any scuff marks and grease.
  • Lining cupboards and shelves with lino will make surfaces easy to wipe down and keep clean and hygienic.
  • Put foil liners in your stove-top and oven to make it look smarter and cleaner.
  • Hanging a new shower curtain, and fitting a new toilet seat, is an easy and cheap way to spruce up and older bathroom.
  • Fitting an extractor fan in the bathroom will not only appeal to tenants, it will help keep your property dry and free from mold.
  • Steam cleaning any carpets will make the home feel and smell fresh.

Make Your Rental Liveable

A rental property not only needs to look appealing, it also needs to have a level of practicality.

  • In today’s modern world we have a multitude of electronic equipment, so ensure there are plenty of power outlets and phone connections.
  • A good internet connection is important for any household, and more so for the increasing trend of individuals who choose to work from home. Make sure you have internet connections in practical places in the property.
  • An insulated and dry home is important, so providing some heating and a dehumidifier will go a long way. This will not only keep your tenants warm, it could also help you save on repairs.
  • Fit door stops on internal doors to prevent damage. This will also help save on repair costs.

Becoming a landlord and managing your rental property can seem daunting. We are here to help with advice, and to answer your property management and rental questions. Why not take some of the stress out of owning a rental property in New Zealand, and talk to one of our professional property managers today. A free property appraisal will help you make an informed decision, with no obligation.

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