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Pukeko Plus Rent Guarantee Scheme

Introducing Pukeko Plus

Worried about tenants not paying rent? Do you need a quality rental guarantee from a dedicated manager with skin in the game? Then Pukeko Plus is for you! 

We are excited to share the news that we have launched Pukeko Plus, our rental guarantee scheme that gives our property owners total peace of mind! 

Imagine how confident you will feel owning rental property while knowing it is not only well cared for, but the rent is guaranteed!

Our experienced rental managers take pride in looking after clients and their properties, however, if for some reason a tenant misses rent, Pukeko Plus will have you covered.  Each Pukeko Rental Manager has access to a dedicated nationally backed company fund to cover rent arrears while they resolve any issues. This gives property owners full confidence knowing their investments are safe and taken care of and allows them to relax, sit back and watch their investments grow! 

Pukeko Plus is designed to protect property owners and their investments and is by application only. Learn More about the Pukeko Plus criteria below or give your local Pukeko Rental Manager a call. 

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