Our overall aim is to keep things as simple as possible for you. With the right tenants, and the right management in place, you can maximise your property’s earning potential.

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Smaller portfolios mean more personalised care. Therefore our vision is to be the best, not the biggest. We believe we achieve better results for both landlords and tenants when we limit the number of properties in our portfolios. It means we maintain consistent high levels of service for all, and can proactively support you in ensuring your property remains a profitable investment for years to come. 

 We take care of: 

Finding great tenants

Collecting and lodging bond

FREE regular property inspections

 See more on what you can expect from us on our services page.


Managing rent payments

Maintenance and repairs

Exits and tenant changeover


We are not afraid to make bold promises

  No extra fees

Unlike other property managers, we won’t charge you a letting fee for placing a tenant in your home.

If your property is vacant after 21 days, we'll cover the rent from the 22nd day onwards 

While we aim to ensure we find the right tenant, we’re so confident in our ability to do so that we aim to ensure there are no gaps between tenancies. But if that doesn’t go to plan? Well, we’ll cover the rent from day 22 onwards until your property is tenanted, so you’re not out of pocket. *Applies to all properties under our care in rentable condition on a fixed term tenancy, rented at market rate, and tenanted at the time of management handover.

You won’t lose rent. If they won’t pay, we will!

 We are vigilant about monitoring and following up on rent payments to keep rent arrears to an absolute minimum. We’re so confident in our process, that we’ll reimburse lost rental income greater than three weeks. * Bond to be deducted from arrears first, and rent will be paid after the tribunal ruling.

 ⇒ FREE rental appraisal

Pukeko Rental Managers are experienced rental property appraisers. When you ask for a FREE property appraisal, we send you an experienced local rental property manager who can help you understand what kind of return you could be making from your property.


Your property is in good hands

Our nationwide team is selected for their industry knowledge and insight. All managers are committed to meeting exceptional standards. We regularly survey both landlords and tenants to ensure we’re meeting everyone’s needs with our service. 

Through the use of technology, we keep things streamlined and transparent. You have 24/7 online access to financial reports, so you’re always up-to-date on what’s happening with your home. 

Find out more about what you can expect from our property management services or get in touch to arrange a time to speak to your local manager

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